The F. Family

I met Rachel at the airport. We were both traveling to a photographer conference and recognized each other from social media. :) Yes, there was a time when I embraced posting often and I considered her a "friend" on my facebook feed. Needless to say, we hit it off. Like big time. By the end of the conference we were BFF + sister all rolled in to one - not to mention - troublemakers?

There is something to be said when a friend you admire in work will ask you to do photos for them and their family. It's all-together great and intimating. I was flattered.

Thanks to R and her sweet family for making the trip to little old Marion, NC. We (my family) were thrilled to have you at the house and hope to have you and the kids again soon! I giggled when I found a toy left under my bed affectionately by Bella. It was the hatchable she'd been carrying around from the upstairs loft. She kinda tucked it in. ;) Enjoy the sneak peek.